15 Steps To Improve Your Security Posture In Microsoft Teams - Aryan Digital

15 steps to improve your security posture in microsoft teams

Manage conditional access policies granularly control access based on user identity device details location and application risk block risky combinations to prevent unauthorized access

Review external collaborator permissions regularly audit and adjust external permissions to ensure they stay minimal and aligned with ongoing collaboration needs

Use strong passwords enforce complex password requirements encourage regular password changes and disable password spraying attacks consider passwordless authentication methods for added security

Encrypt sensitive data use encryption for confidential messages files and meetings at rest and in transit explore microsofts builtin encryption mechanisms or thirdparty solutions for comprehensive data protection

Enable data loss prevention dlp for meetings prevent sensitive information leaks during meetings by configuring dlp policies for recordings transcripts and other meetingrelated data

Utilize advanced threat protection atp microsoft teams integrates with microsoft 365 defender atp to detect and block malware phishing attacks and other threats leverage its capabilities for email attachments and links shared within teams

Monitor user activity implement robust activity logging and monitoring to track user actions file changes and potential suspicious behavior use this data for investigations and to identify security incidents proactively