Best & Fastest Way To Fill Omr

Best & Fastest Way To Fill Omr | Best Paper Attempting Strategy #Neet2024

The Date Of The Neet Ug Exam 2024 Is Set For May 5 2024.

Practice Beforehand: Get Comfortable Marking Omr Sheets By Practicing With Mock Tests Or Sample Papers.

Double-Check Before Final Submission: Briefly Review Your Omr Sheet To Ensure All Bubbles Are Marked Correctly Especially If Using The Review And Fill Method.

Use A Good Pen: Use A Black Ballpoint Pen With Dark Ink That Won'T Smudge.

Most Important Topics For Neet Ug 2024 1)Biology:   1.Reproduction             2.Genetics And Evolution 2)Physics:   1.Electrostatics             2.Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current 3)Chemistry: 1.Solid State 2.Electrochemistry

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