Team Behind Top Lending Protocol Launches Suilend On Sui - Aryan Digital

Team behind top lending protocol launches suilend on sui

Solend a prominent lending protocol on solana launched a new project called suilend

Suilend operates on the sui blockchain marking solends first venture outside the solana ecosystem

This launch signifies solends belief in suis potential and its technology

Key points about suilend

Built on move suilend leverages the move programming language known for its secure smart contract functionalities

Advanced tools suis architecture and move offer superior development tools compared to ethereum and solana

Enabling faster and more efficient development according to solends founder rooter

Security focus partnerships with security firms like zellic and ottersec ensure thorough audits aiming to maintain high security standards

Potential benefits of sui suilend can potentially gain from suis

Scalability designed to handle increasing defi demands

Parallel processing enables faster transaction processing for most operations

Additional information

Solend boasts an impressive track record with over 200 million in total value locked tvl and a user base exceeding 170000

Suilends launch bolsters the sui ecosystem by introducing solends expertise in defi lending