Telegram : Social Media Giant Or The New Dark Web ? - Aryan Digital

Telegram social media giant or the new dark web

Social media features

Large user base similar to other social media platforms telegram boasts millions of users

Communication channels it offers features like group chats channels and oneway communication options

Content sharing users can share media files and various content

However aspects raise concerns

Encryption telegram offers optional endtoend encryption for private chats making it appealing for those seeking privacy including potential criminals

Limited moderation telegram has historically been less stringent on content moderation compared to other platforms

Open api developers can create tools and functionalities and some malicious actors misuse this for illegal purposes

Heres how it relates to the dark web

Illicit activity criminal elements have exploited telegrams features for illegal activities like sharing stolen data malware distribution and planning cybercrimes

Accessibility telegram is easier to access than the dark web making it a possible alternative for some illicit activities

Not the new dark web telegram itself isnt the dark web its a functioning social media platform with legitimate uses

Emerging platform for illegal activity telegrams features have unfortunately made it a breeding ground for some criminal activity