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Top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in india 2024

Petroleum engineering petroleum engineering is one of the top paying engineering jobs in india the salary of a petroleum engineer is around ₹412 lpa and can be higher one of the major reasons for the shortage of engineers entering the petroleum industry is the demand for petroleum engineers 01

Computer science and engineering computer science engineers design test implement and maintain computer hardware and software besides managing software programming they also uphold hardware systems a computer science engineer can earn the highest salary is around ₹37 lpa and more in india 02

Aerospace engineering aerospace engineers have scope in many aerobased industries jobs are available at the government level and the private sector is uncountable the highest salary for an aerospace engineer is ₹255 lpa and above 03 engineering books

Chemical engineering the requirement of chemical engineers is more like this engineering course chances of getting a wellpaid chemical engineer job in india and abroad are comparatively high the estimated highest salary range of a chemical engineer is ₹22 lpa 04

Ai and ml engineering ai and ml engineers are going to rule in the coming days there is a huge demand for engineers and even more there are ai and ml engineers artificial intelligence and machine learning engineers salary is ₹ 20 lpa and better the suitable average salary for ai and ml engineers is ₹12 lpa 05

Electronics and communication engineering globally electronics and communication engineers have a wider scope and their salaries are also much better than average they have uncountable fields to shine in the average salary of electronics and communication engineer is around ₹14 lpa and above 06

Nuclear engineering nuclear engineering is the acronym for mass production of energy and structure there is a positive need for nuclear engineers around the world memorable display of social and inquiry the highest salary of a nuclear engineer in india is more than ₹14 lpa 07 latest career dev books

Big data engineering engineers who specialize in big data have the skills necessary to work with enormous amounts of complex data data engineers have become central in handling and managing data systems and tools since the reliance on databases grew the salary of a big data engineer is up to ₹13 lpa and more in india 08

Civil engineering civil engineers have a variety of roles and projects that makes their earnings significant based on the clients and working projects the annual salary might differ the estimated salary expectation of a civil engineer is ₹10 lpa and more in india 09

Electrical engineering there are many electrical engineering fields in india where electrical and electronics engineers can work electrical and electronics engineers may be paid up to ₹ 99 lpa and above depending on their skills 10

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